Save Lives with NFT

The 7,777 NFTs of Chariverse will allow its owner to become part of a philanthropic community that is helping Ukrainian children during the war.

Help Ukraine
Ukraine Chariverse Kid
Ukraine Chariverse Kid
Ukraine Chariverse Kid

Support Ukraine with NFT kids

Since there is a war in Ukraine, many Ukrainian children will need humanitarian aid in the form of shelter, food, medicine, etc.

When you buy one of the Kids of Chariverse NFTs, your payment will immediately be donated to help children affected by the war in Ukraine.

Help Ukraine
Support Ukraine with NFT kidsSupport Ukraine with NFT kids

Chariverse NFTnomics

Total supply:
NFT Blockchain:
Cost of Mint:
0.1 ETH
NFT Properties:
Rarity Levels:

Featured Kids of Chariverse

Ukraine Chariverse Kid
Ukraine Chariverse Kid
Ukraine Chariverse Kid
Ukraine Chariverse Kid

Kids Saved

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What is Chariverse?

Chariverse is a humanitarian organisation that aims to help Ukrainian children by selling the Kids of Chariverse NFTs.

Who are the Kids of Chariverse?

The Kids of Chariverse will be the first NFT collection from the creators of Chariverse. This will facilitate token holders to contribute towards the humanitarian needs of Ukrainian kids and their security.

How much will it cost to mint a Kid of Chariverse NFT?

The cost of a single mint will be 0.1 ETH and a certain percentage of mint funds will be sent to the "Safe Life In Ukraine" by our smart contract.

Where will the remaining percentage of funds go?

The remaining part of collected funds will go to local humanitarian organizations.

When are Heroes of Chariverse launching?

Mint launch date is March 26th, 2022.

Who is the team behind Chariverse?

We are a team of 5 crypto enthusiasts. Most of our team members are from Ukraine and are currently inside the country. So we see what's happening here and can’t stay idle.